Protecting your Assets from Creditors and Avoiding Probate

Having estate planning documents helps you legally determine how your assets would be divided after your death according to your wishes. Doing an estate plan will help to save your family from hassle or difficulties with respect to your assets after your death. The assets you own will be transferred over to the beneficiaries that you designate in your estate plan, and it will be dealt with as per your wishes. Estate Read More

Differences Between a ‘Last Will and Testament’ and a ‘Living Trust’ under Florida Law

Everyone wishes for the well-being of their family members and loved ones after they are gone. Surely enough, you feel the same way. But this isn't a pleasant thing to do. No one wants to plan what happens after they have passed. However, it’s a legal necessity. In the Sunshine State, you often have two options to plan these affairs - a last will and testament or a Living Trust. As you can imagine, the debate Read More

What Happens When You Pass Away Without A Will In Florida?

If you live in Florida and pass away without a will, then your assets will be distributed to your relatives under the intestate succession laws. What are the assets that are included as intestate succession? Many of assets that would have passed through your will, are affected by intestate succession. These are mostly the assets that you own wholly, in your name. Some of your assets may not be necessary to probate Read More

Protecting Your Family Through Probate

Probate can be one of the most important consequential court processes related to your passing. Even if you have a will, the probate process may still be necessary and can result in some unintended consequences leaving your loved ones with the added stress of distributing your assets and paying your debts from the estate. Taking this one step further, your will could even be contested in court if not properly Read More

The True Purpose of Estate Planning

Whether you are approaching retirement age or are simply thinking about your family’s future finances, estate planning is something that should be at the top of mind. Why is this? Ultimately, it comes down to this simple fact. Estate planning can go a long way in preserving your wealth while minimizing potential tax payments. Especially if you have created significant wealth in your life, estate planning can ensure Read More

First Steps in a Family Law Case

Family law is an extremely expansive area of law, as it can encompass everything from marital disputes to adopting a new member of your family. In nearly every circumstance, family law litigation involves life-altering decisions and outcomes. Because of this, it is critical to work with your attorney to manage your expectations and prepare for a wide range of outcomes as the court has a lot of discretion in family Read More