First Steps in a Family Law Case

Family law is an extremely expansive area of law, as it can encompass everything from marital disputes to adopting a new member of your family. In nearly every circumstance, family law litigation involves life-altering decisions and outcomes. Because of this, it is critical to work with your attorney to manage your expectations and prepare for a wide range of outcomes as the court has a lot of discretion in family law cases.

As with other types of litigation, one of the most important first steps is for you to have an honest conversation with your attorney about your goals and fears with regards to your case. In doing so, your attorney will be able to better understand your objectives in your family law case. He or she can craft a better strategy and be a more effective advocate if your case proceeds to trial.

Beyond this initial meeting, however, one of the most important things to do is listen to your attorney and start gathering the evidence you need to present your case. He or she may ask that you gather certain pieces of evidence (whether it is documentary evidence, digital evidence, or something else). By making your attorney’s job easier, you increase your chances of obtaining a satisfactory outcome whether by agreement with the opposing party or at a trial in front of the Judge.

Finally, keep discussions about your case to a minimum with others and on social media. Doing so protects you and ensures that you aren’t unintentionally hindering your own case as those statements and posts can be used against you.

Following all of these tips can help prepare you for your family law case. The bottom line? Being reserved and listening to your attorney can go a long way in family law litigation. 
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