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We have been fortunate enough to help our clients navigate through tough times in their lives. If you were one of those people, let us know how we did. Your opinion of us is what matters most. After review, we may post them right here on our website.

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Christina is so diligent, professional and empathetic. She not only does great work for her client, but she is honest and cuts to the chase to not waste time and resources for her clients and help them reach closure.

Heather Trick

Attorney Christina Alvarez has been the best experience I’ve had handling my difficult family law case. She is personable, empathetic, professionally, and knowledgeable. I felt heard and the strategy she proposed was tailor made for my specific situation, which was not my experience with other firms I’ve reached out to prior. I highly recommend reaching out to Attorney Christina Alvarez for any family law need!

Anthony Gonzalez

If you are looking for a professional, emphatic, kind, friendly, and efficient lawyer, please look no further. Lawyer Christina Alvarez will fight for you from beginning to end. Ms. Alvarez will answer your emails and phone calls when you need answers and will make the time to explain everything you need about your case. I am so blessed I found her and will always be so thankful for all she did for me, especially in my case which was not an easy one. Thank you so much, Christina Alvarez and her staff for all your hard work.

Sandra Henao Araujo

Great family law attorney who really cares for her clients! Recommended!

Joel Leppard

Completely satisfied with the treatment and professionalism with which my case was handled, highly recommended.

Tatiana Avalos

Great Legal Office, amazing customer service, 100% recommended!

Stefania Rodriguez

Christina Alvarez is a true Advocate and Ally to the Divorcing father with children. Within four hours of mediation, I was given an agreement leaving me with Majority time share of my children, my house outright, child support, and money left in my retirement fund. She has the spirit of a Lion and the whit of a Fox. Beware those opposing her. Rejoice those who have her council!

Steven Varner

Navigating legal issues is never an easy task, but having an experienced lawyer and her wonderful team to support you every step of the way makes a big difference. The team at C. Alvarez Law literally made what could have been a difficult process as simple as possible – by being a constant resource, having extremely fast follow ups and responses to questions, and ensuring that everything was settled fairly in and in my best interest. Can’t say enough good things about this business and team. Highly recommend.

Nicole Kurz

Since our initial conversation, Christina and her team were always very attentive and responsive to my concerns in obtaining representation and were there every step of the way of the legal process which was often overwhelming, but I always felt like they had my best interest at hand and felt confident that they were fighting for me. I am more than happy with the results and highly recommend them. I trust they will do the same for you.

Daniel Hernandez

Christina displays kindness, empathy and true concern for her clients throughout her dealings. She is a true model for how attorneys should behave, elevating the needs of the client, and their children, above all else. In the legal world where attorney’s loyalty typically lies only with their pocket books, Christina proves, not just with her words, but with her actions, that indeed not all attorneys are created equal!

David t