Bill Changes How Paternity Works in Florida

  The passing of CS/SB 1416 earlier this year had a significant impact on family law cases in Florida. We’ve talked before about how timesharing laws and alimony guidelines were updated, but they’re not all that’s changed. How the state handles paternity has also experienced some significant changes to how it used to work. This may have a more positive and immediate impact on families than the previous two, Read More

Christina Alvarez Appears on Women Winning Divorce Podcast

Earlier this year, Attorney Christina C. Alvarez was featured on an episode of the Women Winning Divorce Podcast with Heather Quick, attorney and owner of Florida Women’s Law Group, where they discussed stay-at-home moms and ways to prepare for divorce, alimony, and going back to work. Listen to the full episode here.  Read More

New Bill Changes 50/50 Timesharing Law

  On July 1st, 2023, a new Florida law – CS/SB 1416 – regarding family law orders was enacted. These sweeping changes affect alimony, child custody, paternity, modifications, and more. The critical thing to note is that no clause states that previous agreements are grandfathered in. However, when it comes to the changes to child custody and the new 50/50 timesharing laws, this won’t change existing agreements but Read More

Recent Changes to Florida Family Law

On July 1st, 2023, a new Florida law – CS/SB 1416 – regarding family law matters went into effect. These sweeping changes affect things like alimony, child custody, paternity, and modifications.  We’ll break down each change so that you can understand how this may affect your previous or upcoming divorce. Family Law Changes Adultery Can Now Be Considered When Deciding Alimony Adultery is defined as voluntary Read More

How is a Custodial Parent Chosen?

Assuming both parents are responsible adults who are physically and mentally able to care for their kids, the courts will often split legal custody equally. This means that they can both make decisions about their children’s upbringing when it comes to their medical treatment, religion, values, and education. Barring certain events or abusive or dangerous behavior, family courts prefer joint custody agreements. The Read More

A Simply Complicated Moment For Co-Parents & Children

When you share custody of your children, there will be countless times when the child must transition from one household to another. The physical distance between the two parents is almost irrelevant. In other words, even if you and your spouse live ten minutes from one another, the child will still have to temporarily say goodbye to one of the people they cherish. This can cause your child to have conflicting Read More

The Role Of Family Mediation In A Divorce

The degree to which mediation will play a role in your divorce depends on where you file. Because divorce law differs by state, certain conditions will mandate that you attend mediation before bringing your issues to a judge. In Florida, you will likely have to go through mediation before trial if you are involved in a contested divorce. In other areas outside of family law, a judge may strongly encourage mediation Read More

Communicating Responsibly With Your Ex-Spouse

When you look through our blogs, you will notice a theme throughout our content. When people go through a divorce, we advocate that they consider the long-term consequences of their actions. Those who default to a short-term mindset are more likely to attack their spouse through their attorney as a form of retribution or fight for custody because they want to pay less in child support. Any validation you get from Read More

50/50 Timesharing Impact On Child Support

It is essential to point out that the term “in the best interest of the child” has a wide application. It is significantly more than a phrase that courts use to make decisions on a child’s behalf. Parents committed to approaching their divorce with this concept in mind can avoid a lot of unnecessary fighting that prolongs the process. And this is one of the reasons we want to discuss the impact that child custody has Read More

Embrace The Possibilities Of A Collaborative Divorce

Not only are there a significant number of people who don’t want to fight through their divorce, but there are also those who recognize it isn’t an effective form of conflict resolution. Think of a time you were verbally attacked, yelled at, or threatened. Did anything about that situation make you want to stop what you were doing and help the person attacking you? If anything, you came out of that confrontation with Read More