Cryptocurrency and Divorce in Florida: What You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency, which was first made public in 2009, is a type of virtual currency. Unlike U.S. dollars, cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning it works the same way all across the globe and is not tied to any one country. The most famous form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, reached mainstream acceptance in 2021. The question for us is, where does cryptocurrency fit into a divorce settlement in Florida? Cryptocurrency Read More

Divorce Law in Florida: How to Prep Your Finances

Despite its reputation as the sunshine state, marriages in Florida hold less than sunny statistics. Divorce rates are currently 3.4%, ranking 5th among all other U.S. states. This makes the chance of encountering a divorce in Florida unusually high. Divorce is a complex process with significant financial implications. For families in Florida, understanding the law is crucial for a smoother transition into a new life. Read More

3 Major Types of Divorce You Should Know About

The divorce process is challenging and emotional. It can also feel overwhelming and uncertain — especially when it comes to the legal proceedings. Knowing your options is essential. More specifically, understanding the different types of divorce can provide well-needed clarity and peace of mind on how to move forward. The attorneys at C. Alvarez Law in Orlando will break down all three. We’ll help you determine which Read More

Who Has to Leave the House in a Divorce?

Divorce is complicated in many ways, both legally and emotionally. When the law and emotions intersect, situations can become hectic, which is common when dealing with divorce. One of the biggest issues where the law and emotions can conflict is when deciding who has to leave the house. During a divorce, the couple's house ownership is decided. Uncontested divorces usually take about three months, while contested Read More

What is Marital Debt?

Divorce is a terrible experience for many reasons, and for many people, dividing marital debt will be one of the biggest challenges. Divorce is already a complicated and emotionally taxing process when you’re trying to leave the marriage with everything you want. Trying to leave without taking on debt you didn’t acquire can be even more complicated. The way debt is divided may be similar to how property is, but debt Read More

Attorney Christina C. Alvarez Named to Latino Leaders Magazine’s 2023 Rising Stars Lawyers List

C. Alvarez Law is proud to announce that Attorney Christina C. Alvarez has been named to Latino Leaders Magazine’s 2023 Rising Stars Lawyers list for the second year in a row. This annual listing highlights Latino lawyers to keep on the watch as they continue their professional journey and pave the way for future generations. Latino Leaders Magazine strives to advance the Latino Community by promoting the stories of Read More

Common Co-Parenting Challenges and How to Overcome Them

As child custody attorneys, we often see co-parenting from a different perspective. Immediately following divorce is probably the most difficult time for you as a parent. When you share custody of your children, there will be countless times when the child must transition from one household to another. The physical distance between the two parents is almost irrelevant. In other words, even if you and your spouse live Read More

The Role Of Family Mediation In A Divorce

The degree to which mediation will play a role in your divorce depends on where you file. Because divorce law differs by state, certain conditions will mandate that you attend mediation before bringing your issues to a judge. In Florida, you will likely have to go through mediation before trial if you are involved in a contested divorce. In other areas outside of family law, a judge may strongly encourage mediation Read More

Communicating Responsibly With Your Ex-Spouse

When you look through our blogs, you will notice a theme throughout our content. When people go through a divorce, we advocate that they consider the long-term consequences of their actions. Those who default to a short-term mindset are more likely to attack their spouse through their attorney as a form of retribution or fight for custody because they want to pay less in child support. Any validation you get from Read More

Embrace The Possibilities Of A Collaborative Divorce

Not only are there a significant number of people who don’t want to fight through their divorce, but there are also those who recognize it isn’t an effective form of conflict resolution. Think of a time you were verbally attacked, yelled at, or threatened. Did anything about that situation make you want to stop what you were doing and help the person attacking you? If anything, you came out of that confrontation with Read More