Embrace The Possibilities Of A Collaborative Divorce

Not only are there a significant number of people who don’t want to fight through their divorce, but there are also those who recognize it isn’t an effective form of conflict resolution. Think of a time you were verbally attacked, yelled at, or threatened. Did anything about that situation make you want to stop what you were doing and help the person attacking you? If anything, you came out of that confrontation with a newfound or deepened resentment. During the divorce process, finger-pointing and accusations are about as effective. 

Here’s the Reality of the Situation

Regardless of the jokes and how aggressive attorneys are portrayed in the media and on TV, attorneys have a strong desire to help people! Seeing our clients leave our working relationship in a better position than when we began is very rewarding. We would fully endorse both litigation and contentious battles if they produced the optimum resolution. That’s simply not a genuine reflection of reality. 

Ask an attorney who has been involved in family law litigation. They will likely explain to you how stressful and emotionally taxing the litigation process is for everyone. These kinds of attorneys are paving the way for the collaborative divorce process, and C. Alvarez Law is proud to be counted as one of them. 

What is Collaborative Divorce?

The name reflects what it truly is: a collaboration. The people involved are you, your spouse, your attorneys, and a series of neutral third parties. These would include a mental health neutral and a financial neutral. It’s a team of people helping to untangle all the complicated issues of a divorce. There will likely be hurdles along the way, but the professionals you are surrounded by are here to support and guide you. 

One of the most critical things to remember is that this is not an adversarial relationship by design. You, your spouse, and your attorneys sign formal documentation stating that you will not pursue litigation. This eliminates one side promising to pursue litigation against the other if certain aspects of the agreement aren’t signed off. Each time your lawyers meet, they are guided by the notion that their purpose is to find a mutually beneficial ground instead of threatening the other into accepting. 

This is a private settlement process, and it takes place outside of the court system. You are taking control of your future, and you will be doing it with your spouse. Even if the process completely breaks down despite the efforts of the trained professionals involved, litigation is still a possibility but not with those same professionals. The critical distinction is that you and your spouse will need to find new legal counsel. Your attorneys are bound to their original agreement.

Choose a Collaborative Divorce 

People who are more committed to resolution than fighting owe it to themselves and their families to strongly consider pursuing a collaborative divorce. It’s a unique approach and can eliminate the stress of constantly worrying about litigation and costs less or just as much. To learn more about what it is and why it is a great way to dissolve your marriage, contact C. Alvarez Law and schedule a consultation with our skilled attorneys.

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