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A Simply Complicated Moment For Co-Parents & Children

When you share custody of your children, there will be countless times when the child must transition from one household to another. The physical distance between the two parents is almost irrelevant. In other words, even if you and your spouse live ten minutes from one another, the child will still have to temporarily say goodbye to one of the people they cherish. This can cause your child to have conflicting Read More

The Role Of Family Mediation In A Divorce

The degree to which mediation will play a role in your divorce depends on where you file. Because divorce law differs by state, certain conditions will mandate that you attend mediation before bringing your issues to a judge. In Florida, you will likely have to go through mediation before trial if you are involved in a contested divorce. In other areas outside of family law, a judge may strongly encourage mediation Read More

Communicating Responsibly With Your Ex-Spouse

When you look through our blogs, you will notice a theme throughout our content. When people go through a divorce, we advocate that they consider the long-term consequences of their actions. Those who default to a short-term mindset are more likely to attack their spouse through their attorney as a form of retribution or fight for custody because they want to pay less in child support. Any validation you get from Read More

50/50 Timesharing Impact On Child Support

It is essential to point out that the term “in the best interest of the child” has a wide application. It is significantly more than a phrase that courts use to make decisions on a child’s behalf. Parents committed to approaching their divorce with this concept in mind can avoid a lot of unnecessary fighting that prolongs the process. And this is one of the reasons we want to discuss the impact that child custody has Read More

Embrace The Possibilities Of A Collaborative Divorce

Not only are there a significant number of people who don’t want to fight through their divorce, but there are also those who recognize it isn’t an effective form of conflict resolution. Think of a time you were verbally attacked, yelled at, or threatened. Did anything about that situation make you want to stop what you were doing and help the person attacking you? If anything, you came out of that confrontation with Read More

Things To Consider For Holiday Time-Sharing

Setting a holiday time-sharing schedule is difficult for many divorcing couples. Understandably, it would be challenging for any parent to accept that they may not be around their children for the entire holiday season because it is something they haven’t had to consider or deal with before  divorce. Before we get into the things you and your family should consider, it is crucial to take care of any issues that Read More

Navigating A High Net-Worth Divorce

Regardless of the specifics, the divorce process remains the same. Although high-net-worth divorces follow the same procedures; the components, considerations, and hurdles will likely differ drastically. Don’t assume that you are bound to the traditional process of litigation because your divorce is high asset. If you are committed to resolving your divorce through discussion and mediation, or even through the Read More

What Exactly Are Prenuptial Agreements?

There are an extensive amount of misconceptions and half-truths surrounding prenuptial agreements. Before we elaborate on their benefits, we must establish what they are not. When people think of them, they likely imagine the higher earning spouse asking someone to sign one to protect only their assets. That is why some people have come to view them as one-sided.  The Truth About Prenuptial Agreements  Not only do Read More

The Importance Of A Strong Parenting Plan

You cannot underestimate the challenge of being a parent during a divorce. You are going through one of the most emotionally difficult periods of your life. As much as you are struggling, and understandably so, your children need you to be the best parent you can be. They crave consistency during a time when there are numerous variables. During these situations, shift your focus onto the elements that you have Read More

Relocating With Your Child After A Divorce

Divorcing parents must create a parenting plan pursuant to Florida law. Parenting plans are documents that outline the custodial agreemen. It states which parent has timesharing with the child, for how long, how long you plan to handle vacations and holidays, and anything else you and your attorney want to include regarding how you and your spouse will share custody. Despite having a parenting plan already in place, Read More