How to Get Emergency Custody in Florida

A contested divorce could take up to a year or longer, depending on the complexity of the parties’ situation. However, there are circumstances in which you cannot wait that long to resolve a problem that demands urgent attention. For instance, when there is a parent who feels that their child is in danger when the child spends time with the other parent. The families involved in these cases cannot afford for the Read More

Equitable Distribution In Florida

Equitable distribution is easily misunderstood. One of the reasons for this may be that people associate equitable distribution with a 50/50 division of assets and debts. However, equitable distribution does not mean an equal 50/50 split. That would only occur in a state that has community property laws. Community property states assume that everything acquired during a marriage (debts, liabilities, and assets) are Read More

Calculating Child Support In Florida

Some of the terms used during the divorce process may generate more questions than answers. For instance, when inquiring about how your assets get divided, you may discover that Florida is an equitable distribution state. Though some people could interpret that to mean an even 50/50 (i.e., equal) split, that would be inaccurate. “Fair” would be a more accurate way to describe the term—which could ultimately be 50/50, Read More

Drop The Stress & Work Towards An Uncontested Divorce

Is your divorce contested? Your lawyer may ask you this during your initial consultation if you are beginning the process. The difference between an uncontested divorce and a contested one is whether there is anything left for the court to decide. Have you and your former spouse reached an agreement on the following issues? Child custody Child support Visitation Spousal support How you will Read More

Preparing For Probate

Probate can be challenging for many people. Not only is it something that most people are unfamiliar with, but it comes on the heels of an emotionally difficult time—the passing of a loved one. If you have recently learned that someone has passed away and their assets will pass through the probate courts, the following is meant to provide you with some valuable information about what the road ahead looks like and how Read More

How To Prepare For An Estate Planning Consultation

If you have made the responsible decision to create an estate plan, you may be eager to get started—and this is understandable. Many people live without an estate plan simply because they aren’t aware of the potential consequences and complications for those who haven’t created one. Even if you have called an attorney and booked a consultation, there are several things you can do in the interim. Build A List Start Read More

Probate & Children From A Prior Marriage

Estate planning is about preparing for the future. It centers around someone who wishes to make the hard decisions now so that their families and loved ones are not left to manage or argue over an estate and its assets. There are numerous reasons as to why anyone with property or a bank account should create an estate plan. The complexity of each person’s plan varies depending on their assets. If you have children Read More

Does A Will Pass Through Probate?

Though there are many misconceptions about estate planning, one of the more common ones is that having a will excludes you from going through probate. To get ahead and in front of the issue, you still have to go through probate when there is a will and no living trust. Some are firmly against probate simply because they have been told to avoid it. Make the educated choice by first understanding what probate is and Read More

Cryptocurrency and Divorce in Florida

You might be hearing a lot about cryptocurrency recently. Cryptocurrency, which was first made public in 2009, is a type of virtual currency. Unlike US dollars, cryptocurrency is destabilized, meaning it works the same way all across the globe and is not tied to any one country. The most famous form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has now reached mainstream acceptance in 2021. Cryptocurrency has long been a blind spot in Read More

5 Times When You Need To Update Your Estate Plan Right Away

Your Estate Plan is uniquely crafted to fit you. It should reflect your personal life experiences, goals, and relationships. The funny thing about life is how often those change – and, consequently, your Estate Plan should be changing along with them. Here are 5 times when you need to update your Estate Plan as soon as you can: You Moved To Another State Since probate is handled differently in every state, your Read More