Things To Consider For Holiday Time-Sharing

Setting a holiday time-sharing schedule is difficult for many divorcing couples. Understandably, it would be challenging for any parent to accept that they may not be around their children for the entire holiday season because it is something they haven’t had to consider or deal with before  divorce. Before we get into the things you and your family should consider, it is crucial to take care of any issues that need to be addressed regarding holiday time sharing as soon as they come up. The last half of December is busy for everyone, and this should not be put off to ensure that your attorney and possibly the court have time to address the issues. 

Additionally, as a parent, you want to ensure that you provide your children with a peaceful holiday they will remember and cherish when they are older. Solidify your plans now so that you can focus on your children. If you don’t know where to begin but know that you have a legal issue with your parenting plan, simply reach out and tell us by scheduling a strategy meeting. 

What Are You Unwilling to Budge On?

After you schedule a meeting with an attorney, ask yourself what is most important to you. Consider the other parent’s wishes and identify where you can bend. Although we acknowledge that not everyone celebrates Christmas, some people may be set on wanting to be with their kids on Christmas morning. 

However, it is highly likely that your spouse also covets that time. To get that time, both sides may have to compromise. For instance, you can split up the winter break. One parent gets the first half, the other receives the second—and each year flips. Unfortunately, that means one parent gets Christmas, and the other gets New Year’s. The upside is that you will get an entire week with your kids and have them on Christmas morning every other year. 

Stop Looking at the Short-Term 

Take the time to consider whether this plan will work for you and your family over the long term. Be specific about the details. Regardless of how you choose to divide your time with the children, where and when will pick up and drop off be? If you live far apart, what will you do if the weather prevents you from getting your kids? Fortunately, it doesn’t snow here in Florida, but some co-parents don’t live in the same state. 

Another invaluable tip is accepting that you and your spouse may remarry. Is your current plan flexible enough to accommodate the needs that go along with bringing other people into your situation? Your future partners may have their own traditions and plans for the holidays. If your current plan says you get the kids Christmas morning and your former spouse gets them in the afternoon, that may be too rigid and limiting. These are all things you need to consider and discuss with your attorney. 

Meet with a Family Law Attorney to Finalize Your Parenting Plan 

For all of our clients, both present and future, take a look at your parenting plan and ensure it meets your expectations for the holidays. If it doesn’t, commit to contacting us at the beginning of December. If you have questions or concerns, contact C. Alvarez Law to schedule a strategy session.

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